Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with www.babloolittiwala.com, a customer agrees to the following sales terms and conditions:

The customer has read and understood the policies at www.babloolittiwala.com.

The customer agrees to pay www.babloolittiwala.com in full amount for the order including shipping, handling and tax if applicable. Otherwise, the items purchased remain as the property of www.babloolittiwala.com.

The customer is responsible for any legal expense toward collecting debts.

The customer agrees to pay for shipping any item(s) back to www.babloolittiwala.com for defective products or refund purposes unless it is a result of www.babloolittiwala.com mistake that does NOT include errors made by shipping companies.

The customer will not intentionally cause any damage to www.babloolittiwala.com physically, financially or in reputation.

Products once sold will not be taken back unless prior written consent of www.babloolittiwala.com is given.

The customer shall check the product ordered at the time of delivery no claims shall be entertained by www.babloolittiwala.com on any grounds what so ever thereafter.

If the shipping address is incorrect and recipient is also un-reachable on phone OR if no one is available to accept the delivery of the perishable items (when delivery attempt is made) then in such cases the order will be assumed as executed & no refund will be made.

If there is no one available at the shipping address (to accept the delivery of your order) at the time of delivery, the order will not be considered late. Hence in such cases, no refunds, cancellations, liability can be made.

The perishable items displayed on the www.babloolittiwala.com and the actual products delivered will be similar and may not be exact replicas. However, in all such cases the quantity specified in the order will be provided as desired.

Quantities/ sizes specified on the site are indicative in nature and hence there can be slight variations in the delivered items, depending on the availablity. Also note that the items are delivered as per the product description on the website.

In an event of conflict between the item details on the order form, as described and displayed image on the website, product description as mentioned on the website (for that product code) shall apply.

All claims are subject to the Jurisdiction of Gurgaon Court.

The owner of the site retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.

The customer promises that the information provided to www.babloolittiwala.com is true, correct and accurate.

The customer also agrees to pay all charges incurred by them and users of your account and credit cards or other payment mention at prices in effect when such charges are incurred.

The customer agrees to defend indemnity & hold www.babloolittiwala.com harmless from all liabilities & expenses including attorneys fee related to any violation of this agreement by them and also for the use of the services or transmission of any message or information by them.

www.babloolittiwala.com may modify this agreement from time to time without giving any prior information.

Delivery Policy

Items will be delivered as per the delivery time specified at the time of placing order with a variance of 1 hour.


Prices are inclusive of GST.

Cancellations Policy

In case we receive a cancellation notice and the order has not been processed/approved by us, we shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount.

On cancellation of an order after it has been processed/approved by www.babloolittiwala.com, the cancellation charges will become applicable @ flat rate of 25% of the order value.

Refund will be processed through same mode within 10 working days.

www.babloolittiwala.com has the full right to decide whether an order has been processed or not.

The customer agrees not to dispute the decision made by www.babloolittiwala.com and accept www.babloolittiwala.com decision regarding the cancellation.

The perishable items once dispatched cannot be returned.

Privacy Policy

For us privacy for our valued customer is very important. We strongly believe that the personal information of our customers should not be shared with the third party without the prior consent or request from the customer. Privacy is the right of an individual and at Babloo Litti Wala the information of the customer such as contact no., email, addresses etc. is used only for the internal purpose and not for sale. We at Babloo Litti Wala condemn the unauthorised reach and misuse and/or disclosure of the personal information of the customer and we have strict guidelines and high security features to prevent the same. Any changes in our ‘Privacy Policy’ will be posted here on the website.

Secure Online Payment

The visitor on our website please take a note that your name, email address and other personal information submitted on our website may be stored with us and may also appear on the website. Like other platforms our server log files also receives general information such as IP address of the visitor, cookie etc. For the financial transactions by credit card, Babloo Litti Wala uses a 3rd party secure payment gateway provided by “PAYTM” and the credit card details are ‘not stored’ with Babloo Litti Wala, instead the information is securely stored and encrypted with Visa/MasterCard.


For complaints/issues related to quality of the delivery/ product, complaints should be made within 24 hours of delivery of the product through email at: info@babloolittiwala.com